Cutting Technologies

Accutek Industries is equipped with a full complement of technologies and devices for all your cutting and forming needs. Please see the full capabilities of our plant below.

Laser & Press Break Tables

Laser & Press Break tables

No Heating
Water Jet Technology

Our high pressure waterjet cutting system does not cause heating of the material being cut, thereby preventing such adverse affects as: discoloration, distortion, or material strength changes.

Plant is equipped with a Plate Pro 2006 CNC Flame table of 96’ by 24’ made by Koike Aronson Inc. This machine is able to burn from ¼” to 6” plate with the accuracy of +\-0.032.

Material Supply

With consideration of our cash flow and facilities, Accutek Industries is able to supply any type of material : SS, AL, M.S , Perf , Mesh and Tubes...etc.