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Laser Cutting

We place great value on consistently reliable production component

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  The Laser system is furnished with twin 6′ by 13′ shuttle tables with ball roller load station and is capable of cutting up to 3/4″ mild steel, 5/8stainless steel and 1/2″ aluminum. With its modern Accutek laser equipped with a 3000 watt Laser Scource, Accutek can process 5/8″ Carbon Steel as easily as cutting .003″ paper    
  • 3/4″ Mild Steel
  • 5/8″ Stainless Steel
  • 1/2″ Aluminum
  • repeatability of 99.8%
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WaterJet Cutting

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Abrasive Water jet cutting using Flow international Corps newest 60,000 PSI technology (MACH 2C Water Jet) and Dynamic head water jet system with Active Tolerance Control. Abrasive water jet cutting technology is one of the fastest growing major machine tool processes in the world due to its versatility and endless capabilities to cut virtually any material.
Our water jet operates at a typical kerf width of 0.01″ and provides accurate cutting of shapes up to +/- 0.005″ tolerances. With Dynamic head water jet system we are able to improve cut part tolerances and geometry at significantly higher speeds and virtually eliminate taper, “taper is < 1 degree in straight-line.
  • Our high pressure waterjet cutting system does not cause heating of the material being cut, thereby preventing such adverse affects as: discoloration, distortion, or material strength changes.
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Plant is equipped with a Plate Pro 2006 CNC Plasma  table of 96″ by 144″ made by Koike Aronson Inc. This machine is able to burn from 16ga to 1” different pales with the accuracy of +\-0.040. Stainless to Aluminum and Mild Steel.
Plant is equipped with a Plate Pro 2006 CNC Flame table of 96″ by 144″ made by Koike Aronson Inc. This machine is able to burn from ¼” to 6” Mild Steel plate with the accuracy of +\-0.032  
Our high definition Laser cutting system allows for multiple cuts, internal, intricate cut outs, and close tolerance cutting, near perfect holes 90 degrees edges, and most importantly high production rates. Accutek can produce accuracies of up to .002″ with a repeatability of 99.8%.

Press Brake 

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The Press Brake is a fully automatic Cincinnati 350 ton brake withwith 14 foot bed, 12 foot 7 inches between the posts and 5 axis CNC back gauge and ram control.
Accuracies of .0004” can be achieved with this machine with a repeatability of 99%. The ram is equipped with speed control thus small item large number production runs can be produced as economically as on much smaller brakes while maintaining the ability of producing much heavier parts.      
We consistently invests in the latest equipment and software to maximize efficiency and accuracy in the production of our customers’ projects. There is a feeling of strength and confidence that comes with having equipment capable of taking on virtually any challenge. We equip the team at our facilities with the training and tools necessary to get the job done right.
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